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In addition to the Stardial images, there are 48 charts of the strip of sky visible to Stardial, i.e. the region from declination -8 to 0.

If you want charts to accompany Stardial images, just point your web browser at the link above. The charts are in gif format and their filenames follow the HHMM convention indicating the right ascension (which will correspond to the LMST of Stardial's images). The charts are centered at the hour and half hour, whereas Stardial images are spaced every fifteeen sidereal minutes. There's enough overlap between charts so that every Stardial image fits comfortably on at least one chart.

The charts were generated using data and software available in the Guide program from Project Pluto. If you want your own copy of Guide, look for an advertisement in Sky and Telescope.

A word of caution: the charts have North up and East to the left; the Stardial images have North to the right and East up, so you'll have to rotate the charts 90 degrees clockwise to make them correspond to the Stardial images. Each Stardial image covers 8 degrees of declination and 20 minutes of right ascension.

For more assistance using the charts, visit the FAQ page