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Stardial's Weather Links

Sky and Telescope's What's Up (in the Sky)?
APOD [Astro. Picture of Day]
NEAR [Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous]
Brian Kane's Astroplace: all sorts of good astro stuff
Observatory Techniques Magazine, of/by/for amateur astronomers
The Earth (artificial) Satellite Ephemeris Service
Grzegorz Pojmanski's variable star light curve gallery
The (new) Amateur Sky Survey (TASS) and The (old) Amateur Sky Survey (TASS)
The Center for Backyard Astrophysics
The American Association of Variable Star Observer (AAVSO)
Skyview (the sky at all wavelengths. Very Cool!)
SIMBAD (account & password required for Simbad directly)
SIMBAD gateway (no password required)
FITSview, a FITS viewer for MS-Windows, Macintosh and Unix
Hcompress software (required to decompress Stardial FITS images)
Camera, a FITS viewer for Unix that does the deompression on the fly.
Hands-On Universe (HOU)
Undergraduate Astronomy Lab at UC Berkeley
Vvariable star alert network, VSNET

Robotic astronomy:

Minor Planet Center and related pages linked from there ...