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An Orientation to Stardial's Data

The charts that accompany Stardial images have North up and East to the left; the Stardial images have North to the right and East up, so you'll have to rotate the charts clockwise 90 degrees to make them correspond to the Stardial images. Each Stardial image covers 8 degrees of declination and 20 minutes of right ascension. The limiting magnitude of the Stardial images is 12.5, and for the charts it is 11.0. The images are made with a red filter, and the charts are made from green-yellow light images, so a very red star will appear brighter on the images than it is represented on the charts.

An example image, with labels superimposed upon it, is attached below.
Click here if your browser didn't load the JPEG Stardial image; here it is in GIF format.
The chart below has been rotated clockwise 90 degrees to facilitate comparison with the image.